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CPD Training

Bespoke training for teaching PE

Our bespoke training providing teachers with the perfect step by step guides to teaching PE with assessment for learning throughout.

We know all teachers are capable of teaching PE however, the hectic life of being a teacher can lead to planning of the lesson not being where the teacher wants it to be. Also, the confidence in teaching the content leading to the nervousness around teaching PE. We aim to bridge the gap. Our coaches work with your teachers, choosing which sports they feel least confident teaching or would like to learn how to teach and then guide them through each lesson. By the end, your staff will have an increase in confidence levels and will have been shown how to plan effective lessons with the resources available to them.

Our founder, Jack Masters, has worked tirelessly to produce the ‘Sports Masters Coaching Schemes of Learning’ pack. Within this pack are detailed lesson plans for sports ranging from Handball to Athletics. The lesson plans contain Learning Objectives, equipment required, warm up games and the activities for each lesson; with appropriate progressions for each activity and how to assess the children’s ability against the National Curriculum. The lesson plans for each sport are set out to cover a terms worth of teaching to ensure consistency should a cover coach be required to carry on the CPD training. 

During each lesson, our coaches will be in constant conversation with teachers, explaining the processes behind each activity and what skills they are targeting. This will allow the teacher to complete a ‘SMC CPD’ form; provided by the coach with all the information they have found useful from observing the session. 

This service is a fantastic way for schools to spend their sports premium funding. Your staff will gain support from our experienced coaches to provide them with an increased confidence to teach PE.

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